Get To Know Ali Palm

Have you met our sweet little (yet very, very strong) Ali Palm yet!? Well if not here's your chance to get some inside info on this...
Jenna Martindale
February 27, 2023
Get To Know Ali Palm

Have you met our sweet little (yet very, very strong) Ali Palm yet!? Well if not here's your chance to get some inside info on this beautiful and inspiring human we're lucky to have at CrossFit Minnetonka! Read on to get to know Ali Palm.

What do you do for a living?

I manage a custom fragrance studio in The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove - it's the first of its kind here in Minnesota! We have 130 different fragrances that you blend together to create your own natural soy candle, or home/body product. It’s called Olfactory Scent Studio - check it out!What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

My boyfriend & I are totally guilty of binge watching movies/series on Netflix & Hulu - usually scary movies & psychological thrillers. So we do a lot of that! (I'm also an avid napper, but I'm going to list it second so I don't seem quite as lame .)What made you decide to try CrossFit Minnetonka?

I was ready for something new... I'd been working with a strength coach for 5 years. I loved it, but needed change - mentally & physically.How long have you been a member?

I joined in May of this year - so just about 5 months now.What was your experience with fitness like prior to CrossFit?

As I mentioned, I was at a strength & conditioning facility, training alongside a lot of football players, MMA athletes, & then regular people like me, too . We did pretty much everything - tons of barbell work, speed/agility training, conditioning, & brute strength stuff (like sleds & strongman implements). I competed in Strongman for a few years & then transitioned into Powerlifting.What was your biggest fear when you started?

I think just the unknown & being new. It's uncomfortable being out of your element, at new gym with strangers. Transitions are always hard, right? But they encourage so much growth. Favorite cheat day meal?

Mexican! I like fajitas.. without the tortilla (cheese, & sour cream). Yes, that's still a fajita. Yes, I’m that person at a restaurant. What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

I want to improve my gymnastics skills. When I'm able to confidently do stuff on the rig, I'll feel so accomplished & athletic!What’s the hardest part about your fitness journey at the moment?

Patience. I love learning & find it rewarding, but it can be frustrating! Everything seems so simple in theory - but getting my body to do it? Yeah.. coordination! It's also been challenging because I've "done" a lot of this stuff before but in other formats, or with an entirely different mentality. I've had to unlearn bad habits that suffice when you're only pulling heavy singles or doubles, or have the goal of just hitting the rep.What’s one thing your fellow gym members would be surprised to learn about you?

I think it's come up a couple of times in class, but I did Synchronized Swimming for 12 years. Google Image "Synchronized Swimming". Ya, those crazy faces? That was me! I coach/choreograph now. What's your favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach or member at the gym?

Jim always reiterates the importance of rest, recovery, & listening to your body. Pretty sure he’s onto something here. Recently I’ve started prioritizing my rest days, & actually taking FULL days off. I can feel the difference! My workouts feel much more energized. How has your outlook on health/fitness changed since starting CrossFit?

I definitely have a new appreciation for the word "conditioning". Lifting heavy is one thing, sprinting until your lungs feel like they're going to explode is another. But putting the two together? Ya, I thought I was fit until I started doing this stuff. What has been your fondest memory during your time at CF Minnetonka?

I was immediately taken aback by the community & culture here. I'd literally go home after class & wonder how the heck everyone is so nice! There's a cool mix of people - yet everyone is so kind & connected. I think that's awesome. Why do you think you’ve stuck with CF Minnetonka?

A lot of reasons - but, I enjoy the challenge. There's always something to learn & improve on because of the variety. It keeps me on my toes. What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining the gym?

Show up, put in the work, enjoy it! The benefits of training here far exceed the gym.

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